Siemens Low Voltage Switchgear & Motors
Siemens offers the widest range of high quality Switchgear and Motors.

Overload Relays
Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
Motor Starting Devices
Timing and Monitoring Devices
Commanding and Signalling Devices
Detecting Devices
Air Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Energy Management System
Switch Disconnector Fuse 
Emergency Stop Switches 
Rotary Switches 
Miniature Circuit Breakers 
Residual Current Circuit Breakers
Residual Current Breaker Operators
Distribution Boards 



Siemens low voltage motor products cover a performance range from 0.09 to 4000kW. Advantages of Siemens AC motor systems are many: they are highly efficient with a positive energy balance; they come with explosion protection to meet high safety standards; and they conform to IEC or NEMA standards. The many standard features that come with every Siemens low voltage motor ensure the highest possible cost-effective operation. 
IE2 & IE3 Motors
The current Indian standard for energy efficient motors recognises IE2 & IE3 efficiency class motorsSiemens have complete range of locally manufactured IE2 & IE3 efficiency class motors in India.
♦ Motors conforming to International Efficiency class i.e. IE2 & IE3 as per IS:12615-2011.
♦ Lower energy consumption reduces your energy bills.
♦ Reduction in carbon footprint.
♦ Robust design for higher reliability and uptime.
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